Why Cutting Landscaping Maintenance Costs Will Cost You More

Extremely tall overgrown grass with faded thistle and other weeds with rusty wheelbarrow in the middle of wild bush

Whether you’re a business owner or just a homeowner, everyone loves saving a few bucks. But one area where it can be counterproductive to cut costs is your landscaping. Delaying the time between property maintenance allows greenery to grow unchecked, resulting in more arduous and lengthy work for the landscaper and more likely for property damage to occur as problems go unchecked. Let’s review in detail some of the reasons why cutting landscaping maintenance costs will cost you more.

Delayed Mowing

Is it really necessary to mow your lawn every week? After all, what’re a few extra inches when there’s money to be saved? However, best practice is to never cut more than a third of the length of grass in a single mowing. If your lawn is growing unchecked for two weeks, your landscaper will be forced to cut off more than that. With the blades being longer, you’re less likely to get a clean cut, as the mower faces more resistance. This can wind up in grass being ripped up by the roots, resulting in a damaged lawn.

Stalled Tree Trimming and Dormant Pruning

Delaying tree trimming can have dangerous ramifications. If a dying or weak tree branch falls, it could injure a person or damage property, which will result in a bill much more expensive than your landscaping. Dormant pruning may not have direr consequences, but waiting too long to prune will result in plants growing too tall. This results in landscaping crews taking more time and effort to shape your bushes and shrubbery, upping your maintenance costs.

Neglected Hardscape Maintenance

Keeping your hardscapes looking pristine is another part of weekly landscaping maintenance. If you neglect to have your hardscapes maintained for weeks at a time, problems like worn sealant exposing walkways to weed and moss growth, sinking pavers or concrete, and thick layers of calcium can rise to the surface. Also, if you ignore cracks in your hardscapes, those small cracks can enlarge, leading to even more cracks that are difficult to manage.

Undetected Drainage Issues

The more time a landscaper spends away from your property, the longer potential drainage issues can go unnoticed. If located near a pathway or driveway, it can erode the pavement, causing tripping hazards. It can even be dangerous enough to affect your building’s foundation and retaining walls. Having a landscaper present to keep an eye out for these issues can protect you from pricey repairs and even flooding.

Discovering why cutting landscaping maintenance costs will cost you more is a great way to protect yourself from making some counterproductive decisions. Not only will you not save money delaying your landscaping, but it can also result in dangerous situations. At Dolan Landscaping, our crew will determine the best hardscape and landscaping maintenance schedule to meet your property’s needs. Contact us today to enlist our help with your landscape.