4 Money-Saving Lawn and Gardening Tips

Financially conscious folks are often looking for ways to cut costs on utilities and meals. However, they often only focus their tension on the happenings within the house. Little do they realize that there are ways to save money by adjusting their lawn care and gardening habits. There’s a lot of investment that goes into maintaining a healthy landscape, such as water, seed, and fertilizer. Fortunately, Dolan Landscaping is here to provide some of money-saving lawn and gardening tips! Continue reading 4 Money-Saving Lawn and Gardening Tips

A New England Guide to Spring Lawn Care and Landscaping

Adirondack chairs in front yard of house with brilliant spring lawn care and landscapingThe cold temperatures of New England winter have finally ceased battering your turf. Spring has arrived, and with it comes warm weather and heavy rainfall. Taking advantage of the weather now will set your landscape up for success during those long dog days of summer. Follow our New England guide to spring lawn care and landscaping to ensure your property is prepared for the season ahead. Continue reading A New England Guide to Spring Lawn Care and Landscaping

How to Maintain High-Traffic Grass

Although it’s a tough plant, your grass will eventually decline due to high usage from people (and pets). This decline can lead to bald patches, compact soil, and weeds. High-traffic lawns include areas like apartments, condominiums, park and sporting areas, and just active family yards. Fortunately, through key preparation and treatment steps, you’ll be able to minimize damage and quickly repair your lawn. Continue reading How to Maintain High-Traffic Grass

The Process and Benefits of Overseeding Your Lawn

What was once a promising layer of grass has turned into a thinning and discolored one. It’s important to keep up with lawn care so your lawn remains healthy and full throughout the season. However, your lawn can bounce back with the process of overseeding, which can be a complicated endeavor but luckily, we’re here to simplify it. Below lists the procedure to follow when overseeding and how you’ll benefit afterward.

Continue reading The Process and Benefits of Overseeding Your Lawn

When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

Push fertilizer spreader on green lawn.In a previous blog, we addressed why you should be fertilizing your lawn. However, that brings up another point: when should you be fertilizing your lawn? While the short answer that fertilizer is food and you should feed your lawn when it’s growing the most, knowing exactly when that is and how often aren’t always so clear. For your lawn, this blog is going to help you identify what’s the optimal time to fertilize and how different fertilizers affect when and how often you should fertilize your lawn. Continue reading When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

Summer Lawn Care and Irrigation Tips

Children outside playing above a summer yard.Summer is a great time to get out there and enjoy your lawn, from fun and games on the front lawn to a nice relaxing afternoon in the backyard. However, summer can also bring some issues you need to deal with to avoid lawn damage and a high water bill, something especially important in drought conditions. Below are some tips and tricks for summer lawn care and your irrigation systems so you can get the most out of them and avoid troubles down the line – letting you enjoy more of your summer! Continue reading Summer Lawn Care and Irrigation Tips

Dealing with Irrigation Systems Damaged by Winter

Man Tightens Part Of Lawn SprinklerWhen the ground freezes, so can your irrigation system. From sprinkler heads to in-ground pipes, when irrigation components freeze, any remaining water inside can freeze too. Forgot to perform winterization on your irrigation systems? This can cost you as that water expands when freezing into ice, warping and cracking your pipes and sprinkler heads. Below we look at the two most common issues on irrigation systems after winter, and what it takes to solve them. Continue reading Dealing with Irrigation Systems Damaged by Winter

Warm Season Grasses vs. Cool Season Grasses

Fresh green spring grass with drops water.When it comes to grass, you’ve always got options. From sod to seeding, you’re often looking at many species of grasses that fill diverse needs: from growing times, to weather resistance, to drought resistance – and that’s not even considering factors like their appeal or if they are invasive or native. However, most grasses do fit into one of two categories: warm season grasses or cool season grasses. This article is going to look at the two types of grasses, help you understand their differences, and help you find the right one for your project. Continue reading Warm Season Grasses vs. Cool Season Grasses

Looking Past Winter at Spring Lawn Care

Lawn in grayish colors in early spring on a sunny day.It might feel like winter will never be over, especially with all the subzero temperatures recently. However, spring is just a few months away. While there is still snow on the ground and ice in the gutters, it’s time to start thinking about spring and what you should be doing early on to make sure your lawn is in peak condition as soon as possible. Here are our tips for spring lawn care. Continue reading Looking Past Winter at Spring Lawn Care