6 Different Types of Soil and Their Properties: Part Two

A close up of clean soil for cultivation with grass in the background.If you read part one of this blog, you’ve learned by now that soil is much more than just dirt. It provides plants with the vital nutrients and environmental conditions they need to thrive. However, not all soil is the same, and the well-being of your particular plants relies on using the right type. Let’s discuss the other three types of soil and what you can do to nurture a better growing environment for your landscape and garden. Continue reading 6 Different Types of Soil and Their Properties: Part Two

What Month Should You Begin Mowing Your Lawn?

Riding lawn mower cutting grass .While we’re still fighting to get through February, spring is less than a month away, which means we’ll soon need to set aside time for our garden tasks. One task, in particular, you may be looking forward to or dreading is mowing your lawn, but in order to ensure your winter landscape recovery goes according to plan, you have to be careful about when you give your lawn its first clip of the year. Let’s discuss the most appropriate time to begin mowing your lawn. Continue reading What Month Should You Begin Mowing Your Lawn?

Tips for Pruning Trees in Winter

A man pruning an apple tree in winter using hand prunerAlthough every tree has its own set of requirements for optimal growth, most benefit from proactive tree care in winter. During their dormancy in the cold-weather months, pruning can be used to ensure trees experience active growth come springtime. Removing dead or unhealthy branches and encroaching limbs can pave the way for more lively greenery or increase your fruit harvest. However, you must go about maintenance in the right way to achieve success. Let’s review some tips for pruning trees in winter. Continue reading Tips for Pruning Trees in Winter

How to Fix Exposed Tree Roots

Exposed tree roots as a result of erosionNot only can exposed tree roots cut into the aesthetic of your landscape, but they can also be a nightmare for lawnmower blades and hardscapes. Since cutting or pruning these roots can injure or kill the tree, it can be frustrating to find a solution that works best for your property. Fortunately, you have a few options at your disposal. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can fix exposed tree roots. Continue reading How to Fix Exposed Tree Roots

How to Prevent Frost Heave This Fall

Frost heave crack in residential concrete sidewalkIn New England, we’re used to severe temperature swings. As a local resident, you’re likely no stranger to roads, driveways, plants, and structures suffering damage as a result of hard frost. This phenomenon, known as frost heave, often occurs at the end of autumn, and it can spell disaster for your landscape and hardscapes. To avoid the havoc this can cause, let’s review some tips on how to prevent frost heave. Continue reading How to Prevent Frost Heave This Fall

Fall Landscaping: Prepare for Deer Ticks

Now that summer has ended, many might think they no longer have to worry about pesky deer ticks. However, ticks are not just a seasonal concern; they can strike during any season. They’re especially bothersome during the cooler months, as they seek warmth and shelter underneath leaves and other debris. When raking one’s lawn or moving firewood, these ticks can latch onto your skin and clothing, sneakily migrating to an inconspicuous spot on your body and biting you. With their population flourishing in the fall, let’s discuss the keys to prepare for deer ticks. Continue reading Fall Landscaping: Prepare for Deer Ticks

4 Tips to Managing Your Landscape During Late Summer

Summer straw hat with blue ribbon and dots lay at dry end summer grass.If you’ve been neglecting lawn care this summer, managing your landscape late season may seem like a fruitless effort with cold weather on the horizon. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s the perfect opportunity to play catch-up on the lawncare tasks you couldn’t get around to earlier in the season. What you do now can nurture better growth next spring. Let’s review some tips on managing your landscape during late summer. Continue reading 4 Tips to Managing Your Landscape During Late Summer

Why Cutting Landscaping Maintenance Costs Will Cost You More

Extremely tall overgrown grass with faded thistle and other weeds with rusty wheelbarrow in the middle of wild bush

Whether you’re a business owner or just a homeowner, everyone loves saving a few bucks. But one area where it can be counterproductive to cut costs is your landscaping. Delaying the time between property maintenance allows greenery to grow unchecked, resulting in more arduous and lengthy work for the landscaper and more likely for property damage to occur as problems go unchecked. Let’s review in detail some of the reasons why cutting landscaping maintenance costs will cost you more. Continue reading Why Cutting Landscaping Maintenance Costs Will Cost You More

Multi-Purpose Landscape Features for Summer

Garden backyard pond with waterfall water plants brick paver patio trellis landscapingNothing beats a vibrant landscape to accompany the warmth of summer – except of course a landscape that fulfills a purpose beyond the aesthetic. If you consider your yard an extension of your living space, it makes sense for you to incorporate versatile features into your landscape. Fortunately, there are many options for features – both living and constructed – that can provide you more than just scenery. Let’s review some multi-purpose landscape features for summer so you can get the most out of your yard. Continue reading Multi-Purpose Landscape Features for Summer

What to Look for in a Landscaping Company

A landscaper using a leaf blower around decorative shrubs and a small tree.If you’re considering investing your money in a professional to maintain your landscape this spring, it’s important to realize not all landscaping companies are created equal. It’s easy to fall into the trap of hiring the first landscaping company you happen upon, but if you rush your decision, you may be left with a subpar landscape design and maintenance as a result. You want to invest in a multi-faceted company with a track record of reliability and flexibility. Let’s discuss some of the most important things to look for in a landscaping company.

Continue reading What to Look for in a Landscaping Company