What Happens If I Skip Fall Leaf Cleanup?

House and yard covered in leavesAutumn can be a beautiful time of year in New England as the leaves turn to vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows and blanket every surface. However, what many homeowners might not realize is that neglecting fall leaf removal can pose significant threats to the health and beauty of their lawn. So, before you skip fall leaf cleanup at your home or business, let us explain the hidden dangers of doing so and why this is such a crucial seasonal task.  Continue reading What Happens If I Skip Fall Leaf Cleanup?

Annuals or Perennials: What to Plant

Blue and purple hydrangeas in full bloom.Spring is just around the corner; before we know it, all the snow will be melted, and it’ll be time to start tending to the gardens. Take a look around your yard: what are you growing this year? When you head to the nursery, your plant purchasing options come down to two primary categories: annuals or perennials. Today, we’re going to share the things you need to know about each prior to planting.

Continue reading Annuals or Perennials: What to Plant

What Is Snow Stacking?

Large orange tractor plowing snow in snowstorm.

It’s been an uneventful winter so far in the severe weather department. But as we New Englanders know, the season is far from over. There’s nothing stopping us from getting a pop-up blizzard or even some serious snowflakes in March and April. And whenever we do get hit with a couple of snowstorms in a relatively short period of time, that snow piles up quickly. So how do landscaping and snow removal companies like ours deal with all that snow when space is getting tight? Today, let’s talk about snow stacking, snow hauling, and other techniques for a snow-heavy winter season. Continue reading What Is Snow Stacking?

The Best Ways to Tackle Fall Leaf Cleanup

Person raking fallen leaves on lawn in autumn.It’s that time of year again when the leaves start to turn and fall from trees, drenching our lawns, streets, and houses in all kinds of beautiful colors. These seasonal crimson and gold hues in nature are a welcomed sight by many. But then comes the reminder that they present more yardwork. Before your autumn weekends waste away while you break your back raking for hours on end, consider other ways you can effectively tackle fall leaf cleanup on your property. Here are some timesaving, environmentally conscious, not-so-physically-demanding methods to try and how you can get help.  Continue reading The Best Ways to Tackle Fall Leaf Cleanup

4 Ways to Use Your Landscaping to Help Repel Pests

Ladybug on a leaf with holes. Green radish leaf eaten by insects. Pests in the garden that eat the leaves of vegetables. Ladybug in the gardenWhen pest control comes to mind, most immediately picture insecticides, poison bait, or other forms of hazardous chemicals. These methods are most often used after pests have done damage. But there’s a far more efficient and eco-friendly way to control pests, and that’s through yard planning, maintenance, and landscape design. Let’s discuss how you can take advantage of natural preventatives and use landscaping to help repel pests. Continue reading 4 Ways to Use Your Landscaping to Help Repel Pests

Using Retention and Detention Ponds to Manage Stormwater

A small residential rentention pond with stone and mortar lining to prevent erosion.New England is known for heavy rain spells, making it difficult for business owners with larger properties to manage all the stormwater. A flooded parking lot on your commercial or retail property can do much more than deter business; it can have adverse effects on water quality, cause erosion, and ruin your premise’s reputation. Let’s review how you can protect your commercial property by using retention and detention ponds to manage stormwater. Continue reading Using Retention and Detention Ponds to Manage Stormwater

4 Ways to Build a Sustainable Landscape

A sustainable landscape with native bushes and flowers and green grassIf you’re looking to lead an eco-friendlier lifestyle, your landscape is a good place to start. A sustainable landscape – one that takes advantage of native plants and erosion control – not only lowers your carbon footprint but contributes some stunning aesthetic to your property. Let’s review how you can build a sustainable landscape and contribute to the fight against climate change. Continue reading 4 Ways to Build a Sustainable Landscape

6 Different Types of Soil and Their Properties: Part Two

A close up of clean soil for cultivation with grass in the background.If you read part one of this blog, you’ve learned by now that soil is much more than just dirt. It provides plants with the vital nutrients and environmental conditions they need to thrive. However, not all soil is the same, and the well-being of your particular plants relies on using the right type. Let’s discuss the other three types of soil and what you can do to nurture a better growing environment for your landscape and garden. Continue reading 6 Different Types of Soil and Their Properties: Part Two

Tips for Pruning Trees in Winter

A man pruning an apple tree in winter using hand prunerAlthough every tree has its own set of requirements for optimal growth, most benefit from proactive tree care in winter. During their dormancy in the cold-weather months, pruning can be used to ensure trees experience active growth come springtime. Removing dead or unhealthy branches and encroaching limbs can pave the way for more lively greenery or increase your fruit harvest. However, you must go about maintenance in the right way to achieve success. Let’s review some tips for pruning trees in winter. Continue reading Tips for Pruning Trees in Winter