What Is Snow Stacking?

Large orange tractor plowing snow in snowstorm.

It’s been an uneventful winter so far in the severe weather department. But as we New Englanders know, the season is far from over. There’s nothing stopping us from getting a pop-up blizzard or even some serious snowflakes in March and April. And whenever we do get hit with a couple of snowstorms in a relatively short period of time, that snow piles up quickly. So how do landscaping and snow removal companies like ours deal with all that snow when space is getting tight? Today, let’s talk about snow stacking, snow hauling, and other techniques for a snow-heavy winter season.

Defining Snow Stacking 

Snow stacking is simply the moving of snow piles. This might look like consolidating several snow piles into one larger pile or moving an already large and messy pile to a different spot on the property. Doing this can help reduce driving hazards, widen traffic lanes, or clear prime parking space areas in a parking lot. It’s also a great way to lessen perpetual ice slicks caused by a re-freeze of the snow pile runoff.  

When stacking isn’t enough, snow hauling comes into play. Hauling is removing the snow from the property altogether and bringing it elsewhere. You can think of these as two options you have for relocating or removing snow on your property following a heavy snowfall (or multiple).  

Planning for Snow Management Winter Operations 

When you hire a trusted commercial snow removal contractor, they’ll come out to visit the property before the next wintery event to assess the site and familiarize themselves. In order to avoid property damage and provide a high-quality service, they should know: 

  • Where you want snow to be stacked. 
  • The slope of the property and placement of drains, as this affects melting and refreezing. 
  • Where entrance and exit lanes are/how traffic flows around the property. 
  • Where doors, handicap spaces, fire lanes, fire hydrants, and other important access points are. 
  • About any problem areas or unconventional things at this specific site. 

Whenever dealing with a snow removal company, there are questions you should ask them as well to ensure they’re a good fit for your needs. 

New England is notorious for having a mixed bag of winter weather—you never know what the season will bring. The best way to prepare and not have to worry about the unpredictability is to hire a company of professionals, like Dolan Landscaping. We have the team of experts and fleet of equipment to take care of your seasonal needs, including snow plowing, snow stacking, salting, sanding, and snow removal (or hauling). If you want to be prepared for whatever winter throws your way, contact us today.