Ways to Avoid Property Damage During Snow Removal

Bucket snowplow on the background of a pile of snowWhether preparing your commercial or personal property for the winter, it’s always wise to work with your snow removal company ahead of time. As residents of New England know, snowplows can cause significant damage if the drivers are unaware of an obstacle, as snow tends to hide parts of your property susceptible to breakage. Before the snow piles up, there are some precautions you can take to avoid property damage during snow removal.

Survey the Property Before Snow Removal

If you have a lot of obstacles that you think might be damaged by snowplows or other equipment, invite the landscaping company to survey your property. Point out any manhole covers, irrigation systems, or utility hardware that may be susceptible to damage from a snowplow blade, snowblower, or shovel. A marked site map labeling elevated pathways or other hardscapes is also of great use. You can use this to highlight areas containing shrubbery, so the workers don’t pile too much snow atop your plants. If the snow removal company is aware of the risks, they can work to keep your property damage-free.

Test the Snow Removal Company’s Knowledge

You should ask the snowplow company questions about their services and their methods of mitigating property damage. Some key points of knowledge they should possess include:

  • Protecting Pavers: If your property contains pavers, ensure the snow removal company is aware that a rubber-edged snowplow blade is required to prevent breakage.
  • Preserving Plant Life: Professionals should know that piling too much snow up against trees can damage the bark or that using excess snowmelt near winter gardens or greenery can damage plants. This includes keeping salt-laced snow from piling up on plants.
  • Avoiding Water Feature Contamination: Even a little bit of snowmelt in a water feature can compromise the water quality, killing any hibernating fish or plants. Using an eco-friendly deicer can prevent chemical contamination.

Some snowplowing companies will also employ the use of snow stakes to keep track of the area at high risk for damage, such as speed bumps. Their attention to detail will inform you of their likelihood of wrecking your property.

A few precautions on your and the landscaping company’s behalf can help avoid property damage during snow removal. Of course, it’s also recommended you hire professionals with experience maintaining several properties each year. At Dolan Landscaping, with nearly three decades of success, we’re capable of maintaining your landscape, prepping your hardscape for winter, and mitigating any damages potentially caused by snow and ice removal. If you’re interested in hiring efficient snow-removal experts for your property, contact us today.