Keeping Your Landscape Vibrant Through Winter

Winterberry fruit branch in winter covered in snow.

Brown grass, bare branches, and salt stains are staples of a New England winter. But winter doesn’t have to be all gray and drab. There are measures you can take to keep your landscape vibrant through winter. By utilizing the right plants and landscape builds, you can ensure your senses aren’t completely dominated by the bleakness of winter.


Invest in Colorful Multi-Seasonal Plants

To spruce up your yard in the winter, invest in trees with colorful stems and vibrant fruiting or winter-blooming bushes. Despite the harshness of winter, there is a surprising amount of variety.

Winter-Blooming Bushes

If you’re looking for durable winter-blooming bushes that can weather the snowfall, witch hazel, viburnum, and pussy-willow are three such varieties. To ensure they’re given the care needed to bloom over the winter months, read our blog, Preparing Your Landscape for Winter.

Fruiting Bushes

Shrubs bearing colorful berries are a great addition to any winter-worn garden. Winterberry, red chokeberry, Korean barberry, and purple beautyberry are just a few of a long list of berry-bearing shrubs.

Colorful Stems and Bark

Finding the right trees for your property can be a difficult task, especially given the New England climate. To attain multi-season color, trees like the Japanese maple, paperbark maple, and redbark cherry grow colorful barks that contrast the norm.

Install an Ornate Fire Pit

Beyond investing in multi-seasonal plants, you can design the perfect fire pit to distract you from the barren grayness. Not only will a well-built fire pit act as a centerpiece to your yard, but it will also entice you to spend some time outdoors in the colder months. After all, nothing beats back the bitter cold like a roaring fire.

Clear Your Hardscaping

There is no sense in ignoring the time and expense put into installing that bluestone patio over the fall. Preparing your hardscape for winter and clearing the snow off your paths and patios after a snowstorm are great ways of adding some organization to the chaos of winter, and for larger areas like the driveway, hiring a snow removal company can save you time and effort. Clearing and maintaining your stonework and brickwork will also add some vibrancy to the otherwise monotone of the season.

While winter can be bleak, there are methods to keep your yard vibrant through winter. Hire a company to handle the landscape design and hardscaping features and invest in colorful plants to give your home some curb-side appeal during the winter. Contact us at Dolan Landscaping to learn how we can maintain your yard and set it up for success year-round.