Choosing the Right Trees for Your Property

When selecting the perfect trees for your landscape, it’s important to consider which trees would work with your property’s region and climate. Other factors such as aesthetic, maintenance, shade, privacy, and appearance are also vital considerations. Trees offer social, environmental and economic benefits throughout their lifetime, so it’s essential to understand which trees would be best for your landscape.

Types of Trees for Your Landscaping

Trees and shrubs are classified as deciduous or evergreen. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall whereas evergreens and shrubs retain their foliage year-round. Below are examples of types of trees that may someday find a home in your backyard.

  • Shade Trees: These trees are generally deciduous with dense broad leaves that act as a natural cooling system on a hot summer day, and in the winter, the leafless branches allow sunlight to filter into your home, providing you with extra warmth. Popular examples include ash, beech, elm, and maple.
  • Specimen or Ornamental Trees: These trees are intended to be focal points in your landscape, so avoid planting too many of them. You should look for trees with attractive flowers, fall foliage, berries, unusual shapes, or interesting bark. Examples include crabapple, birch, flowering cherry, and willow.
  • Windbreaks and Screening Trees: Windbreaks provide a buffer against winds and storms. For year-round protection, dense evergreens would be best. Screening trees aren’t only beautiful but serve as an effective way to increase privacy around your home. Good examples include arborvitae, fir, holly, and Leyland cypress.
  • Fruit Trees: Though fruit trees usually require more pruning, pest control, and attention, owners are rewarded with plenty of delicious fruits to enjoy. Good examples include apple, cherry, peach, and orange.


Region and Climate Change Affects Your Landscape

Different regions and climates will affect which types of trees you plant. For example, if you live in the northeastern region of the United States, deciduous trees such as Oak and Maple thrive. In Massachusetts you know that the seasonal climate change can affect your landscape. Knowing which trees and shrubs work best for your region and climate will help your landscape look beautiful year-round.


Additional Considerations

It might also be beneficial to consider the height, width and canopy of the tree or shrub being planted as well as any debris that might be produced by it. Height and width are especially important to think about, so you get the correct tree that fits perfectly in your yard.


Maintaining Your Yard

Once you select the perfect tree or shrub for your landscape, it’s important you know how to provide proper maintenance and care including pruning, mulching, watering and much more. If you need shrubs or trees removed due to a problem, planted, or simply need a makeover before choosing new trees, contact Dolan Landscaping and we can help with all your landscaping needs.