Landscaping Tear Out Tips: Shrubs and Tree Stumps

Stump of tree or shrub on landscaped lawn.You have a problem: you want to makeover your landscape, but something is blocking progress: the thick and deep root structure of shrubs and trees. While blackberry and ivy can be a pain to remove and kept removed, few things rival the sheer tenacity of shrubs and tree stumps. In this blog, we’ll look at the three steps to this step to a landscaping tear out problem.

Step One: Why are You Removing It?

Before you put in so much time and effort, why are you removing these stumps? Try and find a solid reason before you go to the effort or expense. A few reasons to get you started:

  • Risk: From a nesting ground for hazardous bugs or rot to a hazard for mowers to people.
  • Space: Room is at a premium for your landscape, or perhaps it’s taking up space for a new installation.
  • Aesthetics: No one likes gaps and unsightly stumps. If you can’t repurpose or cover, it might be time to remove for the landscape’s appearance.

Step Two: Assessing the Best Removal Method

If you’re going to remove the stump yourself, you’re going to have four major options. Not everyone will make sense in every circumstance.

  • Hand Removal: This is usually the first thing people try, but it usually only works with small stumps of shrubs or rotten tree stumps. You’ll need a shovel, ax, and chainsaw and a lot of time.
  • Chemical Remover: Stores sell chemical tree killer and stump remover. You’ll need to drill into the tree around the base, put in the chemicals, and then wait.
  • Stump Grinder: An expensive option, you can rent a stump grinder. At up to $200 a day, this makes the most sense if you’ve got multiple stumps.

Step Three: What are You Replacing It With?

If you’re looking to replace this with a new landscape or hardscape, it might make the most sense to partner with a landscaper. Not only can they assist in the landscape tear out by removing those stumps by excavation with heavy machinery, but they can also help create a beautiful landscape. Contact Dolan Landscaping today, and we can help with all three.