After the Installation: Caring for Your New Pond or Fountain

A country house with a beautiful backyard behind the house, landscape designNothing beats the experience of having calm running water flowing from your new pond or fountain. Not only do ponds and fountains bring strong aesthetics to your property, but they also improve the overall health of your environment. Unfortunately, a lack of proper maintenance of a fountain or pond can bring negative effects to its appearance, function, and ecosystem. Today we will take a look at what you can do to keep your pond or fountain looking beautiful.

Maintaining Water Quality

Clean and clear water is essential to the health of your pond or fountain. Proper care is to periodically add fresh water and to remove and skim algae or pond weeds weekly to help keep the water pure.

Maintaining Water Quality

Water levels in your pond are an essential part that will keep the ecosystem flourishing. If the water level gets too low, plants and fish in the pond can suffer as the water will dirty faster and the aeration of your fountain will diminish. To solve this problem, it is recommended to add 10-15% of the pond’s volume with fresh water throughout the month.

 Adding Water with Fish

When adding water to a pond with fish, it is important to not add water directly from a hose as it can have negative effects on the health of the fish. Instead, consider storing fresh water in a large barrel in order to make any PH or salinity changes needed to prevent shocking the fish.

 Keeping Water Clean and Clear

In the instances where water becomes muddy or murky, adding a muck remover, repairing/adding a lining, or replacing clay dirt with stone gravel can help keep the water crystal clear. Keeping the hardscaping around the pond or fountain clean will also help keep any debris from ever entering the water. For more info on proper hardscape maintenance, check out our blog here.

Cleaning the Water Pump

Think of the water pump as the heart and soul of the pond. By properly maintaining the water pump, the fountain or pond will stay clean longer. However, a clogged or dry water pump can be detrimental to the performance of the water flow and can even damage the pump. No one wants a dribbling fountain. Not only do flowing fountains help prevent algae and pond scum growth through aeration, but they also prevent foul odors, improve water clarity, and can help the quality of life of fish or amphibians living in your pond.

Caring for Your Water Feature

Here are a few ways to effectively care for your fountain or pond’s water feature. Following these methods and processes will ensure your pond and fountain stays clean and beautiful.

  • Keep a high-water level as low water levels can lead to the pump running dry
  • Periodically skim debris or scum found in and outside the pond or fountain
  • Clean and monitor the water pump regularly
  • Take out the pump and scrub with white vinegar and water on a regular basis

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