4 Money-Saving Lawn and Gardening Tips

Financially conscious folks are often looking for ways to cut costs on utilities and meals. However, they often only focus their tension on the happenings within the house. Little do they realize that there are ways to save money by adjusting their lawn care and gardening habits. There’s a lot of investment that goes into maintaining a healthy landscape, such as water, seed, and fertilizer. Fortunately, Dolan Landscaping is here to provide some of money-saving lawn and gardening tips!

1. Compost Your Organic Waste

Store-bought compost can cost as much as $5 per cubic foot. However, you can make your own compost for free and with little effort. Instead of throwing out your food waste, grass clippings, and other organic matter, you can store it in a compost bin or in a pile. When it starts to look like dark topsoil, you can spread it to revitalize your property’s soil. For more tips on composting, read our blog, Landscaping Tips: How to Get the Perfect Compost.

2. Plant Fruit-Bearing Trees

Fruit-bearing trees have an incredible return on investment. According to the University of Missouri Extension, a dwarf apple tree generally produces three to six bushels of apples per year. With each bushel weighing 42 pounds, that’s roughly $165 to $330 worth of apples, according to the average price of apples. Of course, before you start planting, it’s important to know which types of trees are appropriate for your landscape.

3. Plant Perennials, Not Annuals

While annuals tend to bloom over a longer period of time, they require an investment of time and effort every year. Perennials, on the other hand, will last at least three years or longer, particularly if they’re native to the region. Once they’ve had a few years to flourish, they’ll sometimes become big enough that you can divide the plant and spread them about the garden. Furthermore, they’re especially hardy, given the harsh weather of New England.

4. Plant Trees Around Your Home

This is a long-term investment, but if you plant trees around your home, once they grow large and leafy enough, they will provide ample shade during the hot summer months. This will allow you to cut back on your cooling bill. It’s important you plant trees on the east and west sides of your home, as the trees may block the sun in the winter, resulting in higher heating costs.

These money-saving lawn and gardening tips will save you in the long run and increase the curbside appeal in the process. However, for some, the initial effort may be too great. That’s where Dolan Landscaping can step in. With over 25 years of landscaping experience, we can shape your landscape to be captivating and cost-efficient. Contact us today to inquire about our maintenance services and to learn about the benefits of hardscapes.