5 Benefits of Using Native Plants in Your Landscape

The white flowers of a black chokeberry shrub native to New England.One of the keys to a thriving landscape is a healthy ecosystem. When it comes to adding plants to your garden, what do you think about? It might pay to learn more about native plant options for the success and ease of maintenance they will have in your landscape. In this article, we will further discuss the benefits of using native plants in your landscape.

Require Less Water

Due to their evolutionary track, native plants are capable of developing a deeper root system, loosening the soil and increasing its capacity to hold and store water. Native plants are also accustomed to the region’s precipitation patterns, surviving on the area’s typical rainfall and withstanding storms. This will lessen your water bill and protect your yard during bans on water usage.

Less Need for Fertilizer

Native plants are designed to thrive in the region’s soil, regardless of its habitability. Not only will native plants save you money on fertilizer, but they’ll also prevent the main components of fertilizers – phosphorus and nitrogen – from running off into lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water, causing an increase in algae growth and resulting in water depletion and environmental harm.

Resistant to Damage from Pests

Evolution has allowed native plants to develop a natural resistance to indigenous insects and plant pathogens, making artificial pesticides unnecessary. This is beneficial to local wildlife and promotes pollination.

Provide Shelter and Sustenance for Wildlife

Native plants attract wildlife by providing diverse food sources – including nuts, fruits, and seeds – and habitats. They will also support local pollinators, especially if you plant pollen-rich flowers, and the pollinators will promote plant reproduction on your landscape. Even your pets will benefit due to the lack of pesticides and fertilizer.

Require Less Maintenance

Whereas non-native plants require a lot more effort to keep alive, native plants will practically thrive on their own. Besides not needing much attention, they also spread quickly and can overtake weeds, requiring less weeding on your behalf. Also, with their deep root systems, they will decrease the chances of your yard flooding as they allow the soil to soak up and retain more water.

The environmental and self-sustaining benefits of using native plants in your landscape will save you effort, time, and money. Using such plants in your landscape will allow your property to have a luscious aesthetic without the hassle of keeping nonindigenous plants alive. For help with landscape maintenance or for help identifying plants native to New England that you can use on your landscape, contact us at Dolan Landscaping.