Avoiding Driveway Flooding with Permeable Concrete Pavers

Worker installing a Concrete Paver Driveway.Rain falls, flows, and pools. On an open lawn or garden, this isn’t an issue, but it can quickly lead to flooding and water damage problems on non-permeable surfaces. Your driveway is probably the second largest non-permeable surface – a surface which water cannot pass through, second only to your home’s roof. And while your roof is designed to channel water away from your home, your driveway may not be. In this blog, we’re going to troubleshoot your flooding problem, as well as provide the solution we’ve installed for many of our customers.

Why Is Your Driveway Flooding?

Water pooling on and near your driveway could either be a long-standing issue or a recent problem. Many issues form from how water flows and pools on your landscape. A few examples on how a non-permeable driveway can be exacerbated by the surrounding landscape:

  • Malfunctioning Gutters or Downspouts: During rain your roof channels a ton of water down and away from your house. Overflows or disconnected downspouts can cause flooding anywhere around your home, but especially around your driveway.
  • Landscape Grading: If land slopes down toward your driveway, water may be flowing down that slope (known as a grade) and pooling on your lawn before it can dissipate.
  • Poor Lawn Aeration: If you’ve got a new home or a well-traveled lawn, you may have compacted soil in your lawn near your driveway. Aerating your lawn may help.
  • Hardscape Interference: If you have a walkway, patio, or other stone, brick, or concrete work (known collectively as hardscape) next to your driveway, that’s more area without proper drainage.

The Solution: Installing a Permeable Concrete Pavers Driveway

A standard driveway of asphalt or concrete is a single waterproof slab, and even a one-lane driveway adds up to a lot of impermeable ground for water to pool. Permeable concrete pavers are a series of interlocking pavers that allow water to flow between them without sacrificing stability or appeal. Beneath the pavers is a gravel bed that can redirect this water down and away from your home. It’s a great combination of both style and function.

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