Eco-Friendly Drainage Solutions for Your Sodden Landscape

A dry stream made of large stones surrounded by a garden, exhibiting eco-friendly drainage solutionsIs your yard a swamp? Do the soles of your shoes become saturated with water every time you step outside after a drizzly day? In New England, it’s not out of the ordinary to hear of a flooded basement, soil erosion, or deep, lingering puddles overtaking one’s yard due to the hectic weather patterns. Fortunately, many eco-friendly drainage solutions are available to help your property absorb heavy rainfall and direct water runoff away from your home.

Plant a Rain Garden

Planting native flowers and shrubbery in a small depression or slope will help absorb rain-water runoff and prevent large puddles from forming. Native plants tend to have deeper root systems, which are capable of absorbing large volumes of water, saving money on irrigation, and weathering the region’s heavy rainfall and storms. Rain gardens are also beneficial to the environment, as they filter pollutants found in runoff – such as snow salt and fertilizers – preventing streams or ponds from becoming contaminated.

Install a French Drain

French drains can be trenches filled with gravel or a perforated pipe which redirects water away from areas of the property heavily affected by storms. They’re often used behind retaining walls to reduce groundwater pressure, which can compromise the wall’s structural integrity. They’re also especially helpful for directing water away from a home’s foundation towards a basin. This basin can either be a holding tank that slowly drains into the ground or a gravel pit.

Install a Dry Stream Bed

A dry stream is similar to a French drain in that it redirects water to a drainage area or basin via a trench. However, dry streams have an aesthetic appeal, appearing as a natural feature that’s integrated into one’s landscape. The channel is typically lined with river rock and edged with boulders or native plants to contain the water flow.

Preserve Mature Trees

Mature trees can serve as a great addition to any landscape as they’re capable of drinking hundreds of gallons of water each day. If you’re thinking about taking down old trees in your yard, consider the effects it can have on your landscape’s ability to absorb heavy rainfall. Without trees, your yard is more likely to develop ponding issues and increased flooding.

No longer will you have to deal with a soggy landscape, as you have several eco-friendly drainage solutions to choose from. If you’re looking for a team that can help you install and implement these drainage solutions into your landscape design, look no further than Dolan Landscaping. We have over 25 years of experience building hardscapes and maintaining landscapes. If you would like to find out what we can do for your sodden landscape, contact us today.