Retaining Walls to Prevent Soil Erosion and Flooding

Beautiful autumn landscape with green lawns, retaining walls, and flower beds.Retaining walls can add depth and great vistas to any home or business with beautiful stonework, opening up new possibilities for landscaping. But at their core and their namesake, retaining walls are specially-built walls meant to hold the soil behind them from moving. And when it comes to dealing with landscaping issues such as erosion and flooding, retaining walls can provide a great tool to provide proper drainage without compromising your home or business. Learn about how to use retaining walls to prevent soil erosion and flooding.

How Retaining Walls Prevent Erosion

Exposed slopes on your property can over time erode due to rain and wind, causing your landscape to slough and your vista to suffer. Retaining walls deal with these problems in several ways.

  • Retention: As their name suggests, retailing walls hold the soil in place against the anchored wall, forcing it to hold its position.
  • Drainage: A proper retaining wall also is designed to drain water and channel it properly, which avoids the rivers of water that can erode soil.
  • Planting: Often retailing walls work as raised terraces for the planting of shrubbery, trees, or gardens. These plants further help hold soil in place with their roots.

How Retaining Walls Prevent Flooding

As mentioned above, retaining walls help provide channeled drainage for your property. With one or more retaining walls, you can use landscape design direct to better direct water to drain through and away from your property, avoiding pooling water, flash flooding, and other water that can damage your building and the landscape. Retaining walls can also be created to act as a literal wall to water, channeling it away from parts of your home or property.

Retaining Walls for a Better Landscape

Lastly, it’s important to understand that retaining walls can do so much more than just stop soil erosion and flooding issues. Along with other hardscaping and landscaping, retaining walls can transform your grounds by providing depth and verticality to your landscape, providing raised platforms for gardens, terraced views of your property, and beautiful stonework.

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