Grass Height: What Length to Mow My Lawn?

Man cuts lawn with a nail scissorsA well-manicured lawn is an integral part of the landscape of both homes and businesses. It gives curb appeal and a sense of uniformity and consistency to the surrounding landscape. However, the length one should cut their lawn is a question that has been posed many times. The length of the grass determines how well it will grow, and also how well it is protected against various pests and the elements.

Mowing Your Lawn

The height at which you cut your grass is very important to keep your lawn green and healthy. If it is cut too short, the grass is far more susceptible to drought, heat damage, and weed infestations, such as crabgrass. If the grass is not cut short enough, that could also lead to problems. Mice, snakes, and different types of grubs and bugs thrive in tall grass, and the clippings can become a handful to dispose of if you wait too long in between mowing.

  • Rule of Thumb: The general rule for mowing length, regardless of the type of grass you have, is to never cut more than 1/3 of the length of the grass blade. This length both stimulates growth as well as protects against both heat and dry conditions.

Bag It or Leave It? What to Do With Grass Clippings

Another important question that has been asked frequently is whether or not you should pick up the grass clippings from mowing the lawn. Known as thatch, this can stagnate growth and airflow to your lawn. If this occurs, make sure to aerate your lawn properly. To learn more about lawn aeration, read our blog The Perfect Time for Lawn Aeration.

Mulching Mowers: an Alternative Solution

There are mulching mowers that cut the grass clippings multiple times, making them extremely fine. This method causes no harm to the grass and is a great alternative to bagging the clippings. Mulching can also be good for your lawn, as the clippings can act as a natural fertilizer, lowering dependence on chemical-based ones.

Lawn Care and Service

Lawn care is extremely important for both residential and commercial properties. Knowing how much to cut is just as important, if not more important than when to cut your lawn. Dolan Landscaping has been at the forefront of lawn and garden care for over 25 years. Contact us for expert lawn care techniques and technology, with lawn fertilization and maintenance services as well as irrigation system services to keep your lawn looking fresh and lush all year round.