How to Landscape in the Winter

Home with snow around the yard and on the houseIn the fall, we prepare our yards to stay dormant throughout the cold months. The winter blankets our properties with cold, white snow, making landscape and lawn care options restricted. Although we cannot do as much, there are still landscaping possibilities throughout the winter. Here are some options on how you can beautify your landscape even when it seems to be impossible.

Focus on Trees

Trees add a natural touch to any landscape whether they are birch trees or evergreens, they can make any land stand out. Planting evergreens will give the back or front yard a perfect hint of color. They can also be used as a natural privacy barrier between you and your neighbor’s house. Birch trees lose their leaves, yes, but they still look beautiful in the winter because of their bark. If you haven’t already planted these trees, consider adding them in next year and for now, plan out where they will look best.

Decorate Your Landscape

We often allow our garage and sheds to pile up with junk that hasn’t been used in years. The winter is the perfect time to utilize old flower beds, planters, wheel barrels, or whatever else that may not be used anymore to make a display for the winter. A potter on the front porch can be put to great use for beautiful winter flowers and add to the curb appeal. Another interesting idea is to utilize a wheel barrel to add a rustic feel for holiday decorations.

Make Your Hardscape a Focus Point

The best part of having hardscape it that you can utilize it every season. In the warmer months, you can use it to invite friends over to sit around a fire at night, or to enjoy the patio during the day for a cookout. In the colder months it doesn’t get as used as much we really don’t want to spend too much time out there when it is freezing, but it is great for decorating. The front yard doesn’t have to be the only place to have fun with decorations. Add a nice display on your patio such as a tree, light up reindeer, blow-up Santa clause, or any other idea that comes to mind.

Fill Feeders for Birds

We can also use the natural beauty of mother nature to decorate our backyards. In the winter we still have beautiful birds flying around. The best way to attract colorful birds is to add feeders filled with seeds. Adorn the feeders with different fruits from trees such as berries to add a tasteful amount of color.

Control the Snow

Yes, snow does make our landscape beautiful, but not on our driveways. Especially after there has been sand, salt, and other deicers to melt snow and ice off the streets. Make sure you are taking care of the snow right after a storm specifically, driveways, hardscapes, and roofs. Whether you do shovel the snow on your own, or hire someone to do it, be sure you have a plan in place. You can hire a snow removal company to help with your larger or smaller residence, making that one less thing you need to worry about.


Design in Winter, Build in Spring

The winter is the perfect time to take an inventory of your backyard. What is the missing piece of your landscape to make it perfect? Maybe it is hardscape and creating the best backyard entertainment area. There are many different designs for your backyard you can play around with such as adding a fire pit or water feature. If you really enjoy the outdoors, consider adding an outdoor kitchen, not just a grill either, you can have a sink, stove, countertops, even a wood-fire pizza oven. The opportunities are endless.

Is it time to start making your landscape come alive for the winter season? Contact Dolan Landscaping. We are in the business of making you the backyard of your dreams. We provide great landscaping construction and maintenance services all year round, including lawn care.