The Different Designs for Patio Construction

Photo of a finished Dolan patio, complete with fountain and bench.Patios are a wonderfully flexible way of extending the living space of your home, allowing you to work, play, and relax just a few short steps from your door. If you’re looking at getting a patio installed, you have many options on the design, to both suit the needs of the space for you, as well as a style that complements the rest of your home and landscape. Below are some basic design and feature ideas to give you an idea of the possibilities available for patio construction. Continue reading The Different Designs for Patio Construction

Building a Pet-Friendly Yard and Garden

A dog laying in the grass in a backyard smiling at the camera.When it comes to landscaping your yards and garden, it’s important to take your pets into consideration if they like to head outside. This can range from overhauling your outdoor living space to be more pet-friendly to picking the right plants and fertilizers to avoid making them sick. The following are several things to keep in mind when talking to a contractor about landscape construction, or if you’re picking out plants for the next year’s garden. Continue reading Building a Pet-Friendly Yard and Garden

Preparing Your Landscape for Winter

Lonely yellow-gold maple leaf on a branch late fall.Autumn is quickly ending, and with it much of your landscape is going to be getting ready for the long winter. However, it’s important to help the parts of your landscape get ready for winter. Not only will this result in a landscape that will spring up faster after the thaw, but it will also result in fewer casualties to your landscape’s various plants once winter releases them. Continue reading Preparing Your Landscape for Winter

Retaining Walls to Prevent Soil Erosion and Flooding

Beautiful autumn landscape with green lawns, retaining walls, and flower beds.Retaining walls can add depth and great vistas to any home or business with beautiful stonework, opening up new possibilities for landscaping. But at their core and their namesake, retaining walls are specially-built walls meant to hold the soil behind them from moving. And when it comes to dealing with landscaping issues such as erosion and flooding, retaining walls can provide a great tool to provide proper drainage without compromising your home or business. Learn about how to use retaining walls to prevent soil erosion and flooding. Continue reading Retaining Walls to Prevent Soil Erosion and Flooding

Got Mulch? Why Mulch is Good for Your Garden

A man prepares to mulch a flower garden to conserve moisture control weeds and insulate plants. Wearing gloves he's opening a bag of cypress mulch.Mulch is a groundcover product made from tree bark and wood chips that is common both in residential homes and commercial centers. No one can deny that a mulch covering on a garden or planting display can provide great aesthetics to your landscape, but this is only one of the perks. Mulch isn’t just designed to improve the look of your landscaping, but to promote the health of your plants in several ways. Let’s look at three other ways mulch makes everything better. Continue reading Got Mulch? Why Mulch is Good for Your Garden