Avoid These Top 7 Lawn Mowing Mistakes

Red lawn mower cutting green grass outdoors.Many New Englanders are chipping away at yardwork and competing to have the best, greenest lawn in the neighborhood this year. But even the most basic of yard maintenance tasks—like cutting the grass—can be done incorrectly. Today, we’re sharing seven lawn mowing mistakes you should avoid to mow like a pro. 

7 Common Lawn Mowing Mistakes – What Not to Do

1. Don’t Mow Too Often (or Not Often Enough) 

There’s no exact number of days to allow in between mows. However, you’ll know it’s time to break out the mower when your lawn has grown to a height of two inches or more. While you don’t want to neglect mowing and let the lawn overgrow, you also don’t want to mow too frequently, as this places stress on the grass and harms growth. 

2. Don’t Mow Too Low  

If cut too short, grass is far more susceptible to drought, heat damage, and weed infestations. The general rule of thumb is to never cut more than 1/3 of the length of the grass blade. This length stimulates growth and protects against heat and dry conditions. 

3. Don’t Cut Wet Grass 

Always mow when the grass is dry to avoid uneven cuts. Not only can you damage your lawn, but you may also clog up the mower. 

4. Don’t Mow with Dull Mower Blades 

Dull blades tear the grass instead of cutting it cleanly. Get your blades sharpened a few times a year; if it’s been several years, you’re overdue for a sharpening.  

5. Don’t Mow in the Same Pattern Every Time 

Alternate the direction in which you mow the lawn each time. Grass blades tend to grow in the direction in which they are mowed. So, alternating your mowing pattern allows the blades to return to a more upright position, helping them grow straighter and healthier. 

6. Don’t Blow Grass onto Hardscapes 

Freshly cut grass can stick to and stain concrete driveways and sidewalks. Instead of blowing grass onto them, change the direction you’re mowing so that the cut grass blows back into the yard to avoid a big mess on the hardscapes. 

7. Don’t Bag Your Grass 

Rather than bagging your grass clippings, we recommend grasscycling: leaving clippings on the lawn to decompose and act as a natural fertilizer. This makes less work for you and also helps the soil by retaining moisture and adding nutrients. 

Avoiding these lawn mowing mistakes is just the first step to good lawn care. Cutting the grass properly is only a piece of the puzzle that is landscaping maintenance—something we at Dolan Landscaping have 30-plus years of experience in. Contact us today for professional support with all your lawn care needs: including seeding, aeration, and irrigation systems.