Picking the Right Irrigation: Drip Lines for Your Landscape

Seedling vegetable beds with drip irrigation system.There are many options to choose from when it comes to landscape irrigation for your home or business, and it is a vital part of maintaining great lawns and plants. From soaker hose and drip irrigation lines to keep gardens and other plants watered in the most efficient way, to sprinkler/spray systems, all the way to industrial-strength rotor systems for large estates or commercial lawns. Today we’ll look at a popular choice for gardens and landscaping plants: drip irrigation system lines and soaker hoses that can be installed into your garden to cut down on work and wasted water.

Drip Irrigation System: The Basics

While no one will contest that lawn sprinkler systems excel at keeping your grass hydrated through the spring, summer, and fall, the same can’t be said for your garden. This system can produce a lot of water, meaning longer watering times and wastewater in the form of runoff. Drip lines solve this by getting water directly to plants (soak hoses do the same thing). Here’s how they work:

  • Ground Level: Unlike sprinklers that fling water through the air, drip irrigation systems instead emit water on the ground level where the hose rests, directly to their root systems.
  • Slow But Steady: While sprinklers measure in gallons per minute, drip and soaker hoses use far less water with many in the gallons per hour range.
  • High Absorption: These two features – the proximity to the roots and slow rate of flow – meaning virtually no evaporation or runoff, perfect for the hot days of spring and summer.
  • Save Water: Depending on the type of system and the system it’s replacing, a drip system can reduce water use by 30% to 50% in most cases. This translates into smaller utility bills as well as helping with drought prevention measures.

Looking to improve the irrigation of your landscape – home or business? Dolan Landscaping can help. We’ve has been installing irrigation systems for over 25 years. Contact us today for a consultation on your irrigation situation: we can help with installing landscaping, hookups for hoses, and design and install complete in-ground irrigation systems for your landscape.