5 Reasons to Get Your Sprinkler System Serviced This Spring

Automatic sprinkler head watering lawn while person fixes it.This time of year, so many of us are eager to start getting the yard ready for the new season. Maybe you’ve even broken out the rake and gardening gloves already! But before you get too in the weeds—literally—of spring landscaping, be sure “sprinkler system startup” is on your to-do list. Though often forgotten, like almost anything else around your home and property, a sprinkler system also requires regular maintenance. Today, we’ll share five reasons why you need to have your sprinkler system serviced by professionals this spring. 

1. Optimize Its Efficiency

Professional servicing ensures that your sprinkler system operates at peak efficiency. Technicians inspect and adjust sprinkler heads to guarantee your system delivers water where it’s needed, thereby minimizing wastage. Not only do you conserve water, but you also save money on utility bills.

2. Practice Preventative Maintenance

Getting your sprinkler system serviced in the spring allows professionals to identify and address potential issues before they escalate into costly repairs. From detecting leaks to fixing damaged components, this proactive maintenance will keep your sprinkler system in top condition throughout the growing season.

3. Make Seasonal Adjustments

As the weather warms and plant growth accelerates, the watering needs of your landscape evolve. A professional servicing involves adjusting your sprinkler system’s settings to accommodate these changes, so your plants receive the right amount of water at the right time(s).

4. Inspect the System Thoroughly

A comprehensive inspection by trained professionals can uncover hidden issues that may compromise the performance of your sprinkler system. This includes checking for clogged or malfunctioning valves, damaged pipes, and faulty control units. Addressing these issues promptly prevents disruptions to your watering schedule and prolongs the lifespan of your system.

5. Comply with Regulations

Depending on where you live, there may be regulations in place regarding water conservation measures and backflow prevention. When you get your sprinkler system serviced by professionals, they’ll verify that it meets regulatory requirements so that you avoid any fines and penalties. 

While it may seem like an additional expense upfront, making the investment to have your sprinkler system serviced early in the year ultimately saves you money in the long run. By addressing minor issues right away and optimizing the system’s efficiency, you avoid costly repairs further down the line, conserve water, and prevent future hassles. So, don’t wait until summer’s heat sets in—contact our team of skilled professionals here at Dolan Landscaping to schedule your spring sprinkler startup and system check today!