How to Maintain High-Traffic Grass

Although it’s a tough plant, your grass will eventually decline due to high usage from people (and pets). This decline can lead to bald patches, compact soil, and weeds. High-traffic lawns include areas like apartments, condominiums, park and sporting areas, and just active family yards. Fortunately, through key preparation and treatment steps, you’ll be able to minimize damage and quickly repair your lawn. Continue reading How to Maintain High-Traffic Grass

Warm Season Grasses vs. Cool Season Grasses

Fresh green spring grass with drops water.When it comes to grass, you’ve always got options. From sod to seeding, you’re often looking at many species of grasses that fill diverse needs: from growing times, to weather resistance, to drought resistance – and that’s not even considering factors like their appeal or if they are invasive or native. However, most grasses do fit into one of two categories: warm season grasses or cool season grasses. This article is going to look at the two types of grasses, help you understand their differences, and help you find the right one for your project. Continue reading Warm Season Grasses vs. Cool Season Grasses

The Perfect Time for Lawn Aeration

Hand above green fresh grass on a lawn.The great thing and horrible thing about grass is that it grows. You might find yourself grumbling as you have to start up the lawnmower, but it also means you’ll get fresh, green grass year after year. However, season after season your grass can gain a heavy buildup of dead grass (known as thatch), or the soil can be stomped flat by use. This compact thatch and soil can block air, water, and nutrients, causing your grass to starve. Today we’ll look at aerating basics and the right time for lawn aeration. Continue reading The Perfect Time for Lawn Aeration