Why Paver Driveways Are Best

Hardscaper lays interlocking pavers in someone's drivewayWhen installing a new driveway, you have a few options for materials. From asphalt to poured concrete and pavers to gravel, the choices can be overwhelming. Regardless, driveways are a significant investment, so you want to be confident in your decision. In this post, we’ll explain why paver driveways are best.  Continue reading Why Paver Driveways Are Best

Transform Your Backyard with Hardscaping

Patio with outdoor seating, fire pit, and grills to host and entertain in your backyard.After a few years of COVID-19 keeping us all from doing many of the things we love, this year is bound to be full of good times and making new memories now that the pandemic has seemingly stabilized. With summer right around the corner, us New Englanders are just itching to get back to barbeques, pool parties, and roasting marshmallows. Are you ready to be the life of party, hosting friends and family at your house? Today, we’re sharing four ways to transform your backyard with hardscaping that will make your house the envy of all your neighbors!

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Reduce Irrigation Costs and Water Wastage with Xeriscaping

A xeriscape in a side yard making use of stones and native plants to adhere to the warm, dry climate.

With water shortages sweeping across the nation, it’s becoming more and more difficult to provide your exotic plants with the water they need. Fortunately, there are ways you can design a luscious and vibrant landscape without the need for frequent irrigation cycles. The gardening philosophy known as xeriscaping is a great way to achieve a healthy, low-maintenance landscape. Let’s review how you can reduce irrigation costs and water wastage with xeriscaping. Continue reading Reduce Irrigation Costs and Water Wastage with Xeriscaping