Transform Your Backyard with Hardscaping

Patio with outdoor seating, fire pit, and grills to host and entertain in your backyard.After a few years of COVID-19 keeping us all from doing many of the things we love, this year is bound to be full of good times and making new memories now that the pandemic has seemingly stabilized. With summer right around the corner, us New Englanders are just itching to get back to barbeques, pool parties, and roasting marshmallows. Are you ready to be the life of party, hosting friends and family at your house? Today, we’re sharing four ways to transform your backyard with hardscaping that will make your house the envy of all your neighbors!

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After the Installation: Caring for Your New Pond or Fountain

A country house with a beautiful backyard behind the house, landscape designNothing beats the experience of having calm running water flowing from your new pond or fountain. Not only do ponds and fountains bring strong aesthetics to your property, but they also improve the overall health of your environment. Unfortunately, a lack of proper maintenance of a fountain or pond can bring negative effects to its appearance, function, and ecosystem. Today we will take a look at what you can do to keep your pond or fountain looking beautiful. Continue reading After the Installation: Caring for Your New Pond or Fountain

The Different Designs for Patio Construction

Photo of a finished Dolan patio, complete with fountain and bench.Patios are a wonderfully flexible way of extending the living space of your home, allowing you to work, play, and relax just a few short steps from your door. If you’re looking at getting a patio installed, you have many options on the design, to both suit the needs of the space for you, as well as a style that complements the rest of your home and landscape. Below are some basic design and feature ideas to give you an idea of the possibilities available for patio construction. Continue reading The Different Designs for Patio Construction