Tips for Pruning Trees in Winter

A man pruning an apple tree in winter using hand prunerAlthough every tree has its own set of requirements for optimal growth, most benefit from proactive tree care in winter. During their dormancy in the cold-weather months, pruning can be used to ensure trees experience active growth come springtime. Removing dead or unhealthy branches and encroaching limbs can pave the way for more lively greenery or increase your fruit harvest. However, you must go about maintenance in the right way to achieve success. Let’s review some tips for pruning trees in winter. Continue reading Tips for Pruning Trees in Winter

Protecting Your Trees and Shrubs Throughout Winter

Tree climber on a crane platform in a basket with a railing. Cut of an old dry tree with a chainsaw. He has a helmet and a red winter jacketWe’re in the middle of a pretty harsh winter, but it’s never too late to learn about some techniques that will help preserve your landscape during the snowy season. As New Englanders, we’re no strangers to witnessing the damaging effects of winter on our greenery. However, it’s important to recognize you’re not helpless in defending your trees and shrubs against the destructive elements of mother nature. Let’s take a look at some simple steps to protecting your trees and shrubs throughout winter. Continue reading Protecting Your Trees and Shrubs Throughout Winter