What Happens If I Skip Fall Leaf Cleanup?

House and yard covered in leavesAutumn can be a beautiful time of year in New England as the leaves turn to vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows and blanket every surface. However, what many homeowners might not realize is that neglecting fall leaf removal can pose significant threats to the health and beauty of their lawn. So, before you skip fall leaf cleanup at your home or business, let us explain the hidden dangers of doing so and why this is such a crucial seasonal task.  Continue reading What Happens If I Skip Fall Leaf Cleanup?

Fall Landscaping: Prepare for Deer Ticks

Now that summer has ended, many might think they no longer have to worry about pesky deer ticks. However, ticks are not just a seasonal concern; they can strike during any season. They’re especially bothersome during the cooler months, as they seek warmth and shelter underneath leaves and other debris. When raking one’s lawn or moving firewood, these ticks can latch onto your skin and clothing, sneakily migrating to an inconspicuous spot on your body and biting you. With their population flourishing in the fall, let’s discuss the keys to prepare for deer ticks. Continue reading Fall Landscaping: Prepare for Deer Ticks