Your Guide to Lawn Weed Control

Person with gloves on hand pulling a weed from their lawnThe war against weeds on the lawn is a struggle that so many home and property owners are familiar with. But with the right strategies, you can enjoy a lush, weed-free expanse of green. In this guide, we’ll explore preventive measures and practical tips for tackling lawn weed control. While DIY methods can work for minor weed issues, you’ll need to recognize when it’s time to call in the professionals for a more comprehensive solution.  Continue reading Your Guide to Lawn Weed Control

Got Mulch? Why Mulch is Good for Your Garden

A man prepares to mulch a flower garden to conserve moisture control weeds and insulate plants. Wearing gloves he's opening a bag of cypress mulch.Mulch is a groundcover product made from tree bark and wood chips that is common both in residential homes and commercial centers. No one can deny that a mulch covering on a garden or planting display can provide great aesthetics to your landscape, but this is only one of the perks. Mulch isn’t just designed to improve the look of your landscaping, but to promote the health of your plants in several ways. Let’s look at three other ways mulch makes everything better. Continue reading Got Mulch? Why Mulch is Good for Your Garden