What Happens If I Skip Fall Leaf Cleanup?

House and yard covered in leavesAutumn can be a beautiful time of year in New England as the leaves turn to vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows and blanket every surface. However, what many homeowners might not realize is that neglecting fall leaf removal can pose significant threats to the health and beauty of their lawn. So, before you skip fall leaf cleanup at your home or business, let us explain the hidden dangers of doing so and why this is such a crucial seasonal task.  Continue reading What Happens If I Skip Fall Leaf Cleanup?

The Best Ways to Tackle Fall Leaf Cleanup

Person raking fallen leaves on lawn in autumn.It’s that time of year again when the leaves start to turn and fall from trees, drenching our lawns, streets, and houses in all kinds of beautiful colors. These seasonal crimson and gold hues in nature are a welcomed sight by many. But then comes the reminder that they present more yardwork. Before your autumn weekends waste away while you break your back raking for hours on end, consider other ways you can effectively tackle fall leaf cleanup on your property. Here are some timesaving, environmentally conscious, not-so-physically-demanding methods to try and how you can get help.  Continue reading The Best Ways to Tackle Fall Leaf Cleanup

When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

Push fertilizer spreader on green lawn.In a previous blog, we addressed why you should be fertilizing your lawn. However, that brings up another point: when should you be fertilizing your lawn? While the short answer that fertilizer is food and you should feed your lawn when it’s growing the most, knowing exactly when that is and how often aren’t always so clear. For your lawn, this blog is going to help you identify what’s the optimal time to fertilize and how different fertilizers affect when and how often you should fertilize your lawn. Continue reading When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

Looking Past Winter at Spring Lawn Care

Lawn in grayish colors in early spring on a sunny day.It might feel like winter will never be over, especially with all the subzero temperatures recently. However, spring is just a few months away. While there is still snow on the ground and ice in the gutters, it’s time to start thinking about spring and what you should be doing early on to make sure your lawn is in peak condition as soon as possible. Here are our tips for spring lawn care. Continue reading Looking Past Winter at Spring Lawn Care

The Perfect Time for Lawn Aeration

Hand above green fresh grass on a lawn.The great thing and horrible thing about grass is that it grows. You might find yourself grumbling as you have to start up the lawnmower, but it also means you’ll get fresh, green grass year after year. However, season after season your grass can gain a heavy buildup of dead grass (known as thatch), or the soil can be stomped flat by use. This compact thatch and soil can block air, water, and nutrients, causing your grass to starve. Today we’ll look at aerating basics and the right time for lawn aeration. Continue reading The Perfect Time for Lawn Aeration